Sunday, November 27, 2011


Awful pain, saltwater makes it better.  Waited.  It has to go, says the dentist. But I’m attached to my wisdom tooth I cry!  Still waiting for the tooth fairy. 

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


telegraph co. uk. 

I was thinking if I could have anything I want what would that look like.  Moreover, what if it was totally whimsical.  I thought really hard on this for a few days and I came up empty.  Nada.  Nothing. Zilch.  


If money is no object and the sky is the limit what would catch my fancy.  Still nothing.  What the heck!   How can it be so difficult to dream a little dream?  Indeed, I can think up all sorts of stuff that would make my life more comfortable.  Boring.  However, to imagine something so random and off the wall crazy, for me, this is a challenge.  When did this happen?

Remember as a child how we spent many hours daydreaming, or was that just me? Back then, I said, my house would have a special room just for chocolates.  I would have the finest chocolates from all around the world.  That’s what I’m talking about.  Dreams.  

Thus, I decided to embark on some serious daydreaming. To make a concerted effort to dig deep down into my core  and to reach up to the moon and grab a star or two. When I first started  this exercise I couldn’t daydream anything spectacular.  But after carefully exercising my daydreaming muscles I realize it’s not “things” I want but life experiences.     Unexpected experiences with a twist,  the more unusual and unique the better.

When I was a young girl I loved books. So it was not unusual for me to daydream that my house would also have a library, with floor to ceiling books. As soon as you enter the library you would smell a combination of the leather on the wingback chairs and the leather-bound books on the shelves.  And until recently I still fancied that dream.  But now with ebooks and tablets I can have all the books in the palm of my hands, and the best part they can be wherever I am in the world.  The one drawback is I miss the feel and smell of books to me that is part of the reading experience,  but the great thing is I can read in the dark.  But on the other hand, I never had to stop reading because my book died. I think, I'll still have tons of "real" books in my house.    

And what little girl didn't dream of the perfect tea party.  My perfect  tea party included the Queen of England. That daydream sort of came to being. Although it wasn’t the Buckingham Palace but the Governor General’s Residence which was not too shabby. I did enjoy a lovely garden tea party with the Queen of England one summer when I first moved to Ottawa.  Although, I might add, so did 150 other people.

We all must have at one time or another daydreamed of meeting a famous person , for me  that somebody is David Bowie.  On a very hot summer evening, 65,000 of us saw an outdoor concert where he put on an amazing performance. Still, I think having a conversation over dinner with him would be extraordinary, especially, if he were dressed as ziggy.  But I digress. 

What could be more exotic than an experiences of another culture.  I was in Jakarta durning Ramadan and will never forget the chanting and praying 24/7.  I felt like I was in a movie with a beautiful soundtrack.  

Therefore,   I’d love to sip chai in a marketplace in India with my eyes closed and listen to the hum of the crowd. I'd open my eyes and consume the colors, the aroma, the spices, and the unbearable heat.  

Then from extreme heat to the extreme cold.  I'd watch my breath hang in the air as polar bears play in their natural habitat. Feel my fingers smarting with coldness as I try to capture the view on camera.  Then, nothing says adventure like a picnic as the northern lights cascade across the sky, dancing in all their brilliance. 

Jetting off to a private european countryside to stay in a haunted castle. Whilst I imagine its first inhabitants after walking the grounds in pitch darkness I'd  lay very still in a big bed   exaggerating  every sound coming from the deserted hallway.  

Then sailing to the other side of the globe to lay awake under the Fijian stars and listen to the waves lap at the shore, all the while trying not to freak-out because I know there are crabs crawling around on the beach at night.  I know this because I've been there although at the time I didn't know there were crabs on the beach until later.  

Indeed, the most mind-blowing experience I could ever have would be to gently hold my mom’s hands, in suspended time, and see her life as she experienced it.  Dreaming! 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Uncooked is Best!

Raw, now I see.
Lovely people whose eyes sparkle like diamonds with flawless skin. 
Could be me
If only I resist what’s cooking which makes my mouth water still.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

11:11:11: @11 am

Hubby blogged about our big day!

Nineteen years of blissful Marriage to Mr. Alan Pratt has given me…

19. My prince charming
18. My perfect soul mate
17. Removes nasty critters so I won't see it
16. love squared
15. Created Mr. Andrew Pratt
14. Extraordinary step-dad and dad
13. Long stem roses
12. A date for all occasions
11. Introduces me to the some of the best writers I’ve read
10. Knows me inside / out
09. Keeps me in the finest toys, ipod, ipad, macbook Air, etc. 
08. Puts up with my idiosyncrasies
07.  Always does the dishes
06. Creates a perfect playlist on my ipod
05. Sets the PVR to my favorite shows
04. A honey bunny with the best hugs and the sweetest kisses
03. Intelligent conversationalist 
02. Makes me laugh
01. The best 19 years ever!!!! 
This is my anniversary gift and you can never have too many of this
 Thanks, hubby 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's the Season!

Take to UPS this package for Mary.
Seize the envelope offered is no crime.
Perchance wife’s mystery package was too wary.
To my dismay he’d rather watch game time.

If you want to play along with the Sunday 160. Monkey Man's rules.

1. The Sunday 160 only uses EXACTLY 160 characters (including spaces).
2. Keep on schedule - post after 8:00 PM Pacific Time on Saturday.
3. Let me know you have posted via a comment on my site.
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Friday, November 4, 2011

Inspiration is Contagious

Sometimes when we embark on a project to help others, we don’t always realize the positive impact of our actions.  Indeed, it's nice to be appreciated and knowing this keeps us motivated to continue doing more.      

My son and I started Andrew’s Books when he was seven years old.  You can visit his website here.  Each year I help him pick a school, update his website, and follow up with donations, but his steadfast commitment to give up his birthday and Christmas gifts, hours spent shopping for books and spreading the word is what make his project what it is. 

The success of a charitable project is based on how relative the project is to you and how much enjoyment you get from doing it. In order to sustain what you are doing you have to love doing it.  I know for sure that when Andrew is shopping for books, putting the bookplates inside the books, and packing the books for shipment; he is truly enjoying what he is doing.  You can see the passion in his eyes and in his sweet smile when someone asks him about Andrew’s Books. Pride is what you see.  

November came up so fast that he had to reminded me by asking what school would be receiving the books this year.  Coincidently, a friend on facebook posted a link to a video of First Nation children in a very isolated community.  After Andrew viewed it, he said, I know who should get the books this year.  You can read about it and view the video here and visit the school website here.  What is important is not to lose sight of the positive, watch their school video here posted by the school principal, Jo-Anne.   

I contacted the school principal. After I explained the project to her she said, “Do you know where we are located?”   I said, yes, you are located in an extremely isolated place and that is one of the reasons why your school was picked.   She told me that they don’t have a library, and any amount of books will be helpful. The books would be shipped before the end of February 2012 to take advantage of the ice road into the community.

So how is this project contagious?  Last week Andrew received a box containing 22 new books; with titles that are so relevant to First Nation’s students you know they were picked with extreme thoughtfulness and care.  The box of books included a letter and some wonderful photographs. 
Click on letter to enlarge 
A big thanks to Adia (Silly McGilly) and her parents who were inspired by Andrew’s literacy project and for joining Andrew’s Books!  Anyone can make a difference, even at one year old!  

Another person who is inspired by what children are doing is author Janet Wilson. Janet's  brilliant book “Shannen and the Dream for a School” is a book worthy of a read.  It is a sweet story about the students at Attawapiskat, Ontario.  This school was a  recipient of Andrews Books in 2008 but because they didn't have  a school the books were distributed to the students to take home.  There is a brief mention of Andrew's project in the book.     

One thing I know that is true, even if you're not always aware of how you inspire others by things you do, someone out there is noticing and appreciating you and your contribution in making the world a better place.    

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